Food Processing Machinery Lines Features and Characteristics
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Food Processing Machinery Lines Features and Characteristics

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Food Processing Machinery Lines Features and Characteristics

Darin Machinery was established in 2011, we are specializing in extrusion and puffing machinery lines. We are a one-stop machinery manufacturing company, able to provide you with different series of food production lines.

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The characteristics and features of Food Processing Mechanical Machinery will reflect its specialties in the final product, after the production process. In general, food processing machinery and equipment fit into the following characteristics.

1.     Diversity in Variety

Normally, there is a range of food machinery lines, the varieties are complex, and the production batch is small, they are mostly stand-alone equipment.

2.    Machinery Mobility

In general, supporting food equipment is small and light in weight, to ensure mobility in the factory. For instance, without fixed foundation machinery.

3.    Waterproof and anti-corrosion

Most food machinery and equipment are made of stainless steel, including PLC, etc. Having the properties of resistance to water, acid, alkali, and other corrosions.

4.    Versatility

Most food machinery lines have a certain degree of versatility, you can produce a range of finished products with different ingredients. For example, you will be able to produce, dogs, cats, fish, etc. feeds with the same pet production machinery line. By only changing the raw ingredients used. Furthermore, the operator will have control over the speed of production and changing of the molds to produce a different pattern of finished products.

5.     High Regulated Hygiene Standard

To ensure food safety, the machinery parts that are directly contacting with the ingredients need to be non-corrosive, non-toxic, and polished. It needs to be easy for facilities to clean and disinfect. In addition, the system is firmly sealed, to restrict lubricants, or other materials contaminating the processing ingredients.

6.     Highly Automation

A PLC controls the food processing machinery lines, with a touch screen that provides different languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, etc. The crucial expect is machinery line, when the machines are working in a line, there will be a higher degree of automation.

For example, when we produce pet food, there will be a need for conveyors to transport ingredients to different parts of the production. Starting with the mixing of the ingredients, then a screw feeder transports the ingredients, if there was not a screw feeder, you will need staff to transport the ingredient to the double screw extruder. And causing time to move these massive quantities of ingredients is a waste of labor costs too.

To conclude, Darin Machinery is a trustable brand, supplying customers with premium quality machinery, and professional advice. We have been exporting our machinery lines to seventy countries worldwide. If you are a beginner, we can guide you along the beginning of your project. Contact us now!


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