Diving into extruded snacks
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Diving into extruded snacks

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Darin Machinery was established in 2011, we are in Jinan, Shandong. We are specializing in extrusion and puffing machinery lines, providing ready-to-eat food for both humans and our best furry friends.

Have you ever thought about producing puffed snacks? Snacks are very popular among consumers from all age groups. Let’s go in-depth, is search for the underlying motivation for consuming snacks.

Puffed and extruded snacks with mixed ingredients are pushed through a mold. These include corn puffs, cheese-filling puffed snacks, and breakfast cereals. These types of snacks are comparably healthy for consumers. Enabling you to enjoy the fulfillment of cravings, as well as taking care of your health.

Research has shown the different reasons for consuming snacks, let me share with you.

1. To satisfy hunger – 29.5%

2. To satisfy carving – 43.25%

3. On-to-go go snacks – 20.25%

4. As a treat – 34.75%

5. Energy Delivery – 9.75%

6. Impromptu Snack – 27.25%

Purchase your puffed snacks machinery line at Darin Machinery. It includes a few pieces of machinery.

1. Flour mixer

It is used to mix the raw ingredients. For example, corn flour, rice flour, etc. with liquid. To prepare and get the ingredients ready for the next step.

2. Screw Conveyor

It is used to transport the ingredients, it acts as a bridge or a link to two different pieces of machinery. Thus, it transports mixed ingredients from the flour mixer to the twin-screw extruder. Without contaminating the ingredients, it is sealed in the conveyor, therefore, it is safe and clean to consume.

Furthermore, it reduces the labor needed, as there is no need for workers to transport the ingredient.

3. Double Screw Extruder

This machine serves as the brain of the whole procession line as it is the most crucial part of the process. It operates continuously to cook ingredients under high pressure and temperature. In the machinery, the two screws co-rotate to transport the ingredients back and fore, to ensure it is fully cooked.

4. Big Hoister

To be specific, it is an accelerating hoister carrying the semi-finished products to the next step. It also acts as a cooler to spread and cool down the heat.

5. 3 Layers Roaster

This equipment allows you to choose the layer of the roaster, you can make a special order for this machinery. Our standard dryer is a 5-layer roaster, to remove the excess moisture from the finished products. It is commonly used in different aspects of food production.

6. Flavoring System

It includes flavoring and an oil spray drum, to evenly spray the oil onto the finished products, giving it a naturally glossy, which can increase consumer willingness to purchase it. As well, the system will add taste to the finished products.

Technical Parameters


DR – 65

DR – 70

DR – 85

Capacity (kg/h)

120 – 150

200 – 250

300 – 400

Power (kW)








In nutshell, if you are interested in the food processing line we have, feel free to contact us now for further information! We are looking forward to having you on our journey and assisting you to achieve your desired production capacities with our machinery lines.


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