Darin Peanut Candy Machinery Line
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Darin Peanut Candy Machinery Line

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Darin Peanut Candy Machinery Line

Darin Machinery is in Shandong, China, we specialized in manufacturing food extrusion machinery lines. Over the year, we developed and grew up with our customers, to provide superior machinery lines for all customers. Find out more about our machinery here!

Our machinery lines can produce peanut candies and other types of candies too. By using peanut chunks, peanut jam, and melted sugar, mix them. The syrup-making machinery kept the syrup at the perfect temperature for usage.

There are 2 types of machinery lines that can carry out the process: 

Cereal bar cutting machine

1.     Cereal Bar Cutting Machinery Line 

The ingredients are pressed evenly by a roller, the material of the roller is food graded, and non-sticky.

It can be used to cut into small pieces by the cutting machinery, into small rectangular, as I mentioned earlier this machinery can produce different products, including sesame candy, dates candy, cereal bars, etc.

cereal bar molding 1

2.    Cereal Bar Molding Machinery Line

This line can also mass produce these candies. However, there is a slight difference when the ingredients and filled in the hopper, it was directly pressed into the molds that the operator uses.

There are different molds provided by Darin Machinery, including ball shapes, donut shapes, heart shapes, etc. Furthermore, Darin Machinery also provides customization services, if you need special orders, contact your consultant.

If you had a specific desired product that you think our machinery lines can produce, feel free and do not hesitate to contact us now! To find out more about it.

In a nutshell, Darin Machinery was one of the largest food-process machinery manufacturers in China. We provide pet and human food machinery lines that are of high quality at attractive prices. Now, our machinery is operating in over 70 countries worldwide.


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