Cowhide Treat Machinery Line Successfully Delivered to Bulgaria
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Cowhide Treat Machinery Line Successfully Delivered to Bulgaria

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Darin Machinery has been in the market since 2011, and we have grown and developed. Now, we are one of the largest and top food processing machinery manufacturers. Our food machinery lines have been delivered to more than 70 countries worldwide.

The Rawhide treat machinery line had just reached Bulgaria last year December. This customer contacts us with his interest in producing pet treats. My colleague served him, a gave him a few choices, including the pet treat, pet chew, and pet biscuit machinery lines.

Upon knowing the product produced, this customer, Mr. X shows great interest in the Rawhide Machinery Making Line. In the end, the decision is on the rawhide-making machinery line.

Intro on Rawhide Machinery Line

It is a treat made from animal skin, which is suitable for pets. It is useful to practice dog chewing muscle. Distract dog attention, and anxiety, and prevent messing up our homes.

This Cowhide machinery line uses cow skins to process the end product. Darin Machinery can provide customized molds to produce different shapes of Rawhide Bones. For example, bone, square, antler, knot, etc. shapes.

Rawhide is dangerous for dogs was a myth.

This is a myth. The truth is that the breeder and the size of the dog matter. Small dogs deserved smaller-sized cowhide treats too. It will not damage our loved dogs’ teeth. Furthermore, it can grind their teeth to prevent mouth diseases. For example, tooth decay and teeth calculus.

Thus, suitable-sized cowhide bones are beneficial for dogs. Manufacturers, remember to provide efficient guidance on the packaging of these products.

Back to the case, upon receiving the machinery line. My colleague took the opportunity to arrange an online meeting, to train the first-line operators on the operation of the machinery.

Currently, the cowhide pressing machinery line is working well in Bulgaria. He said: “The current usage is less than a year. The condition is excellent, producing a stable rhythm. The quality of the equipment is fantastic. They are very satisfied with the machinery.”

In a nutshell, choosing Darin’s Machinery is your first choice, we provide premium machinery lines at attractive pricing. Contact us now for further information, to get the best quotation.


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