Cornflakes Machinery Line and the Production Technology
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Cornflakes Machinery Line and the Production Technology

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Cornflakes Machinery Line and the Production Technology

Darin Machinery was established in 2011, we are one of the leading food machinery line manufacturer. We focus on domestic and abroad markets, having great experience in exporting our breakfast cereal machinery lines. Currently, our machinery lines is operating in over 70 countries worldwide.

Cornflakes, is also known as breakfast cereal. It is an American invention, breakfast cereal began as a digestive aid, further became a sugary snack, and now it toggles between healthy food and sweet indulgence.

There are two kinds of raw material needed when producing corn flakes, which is maize flour and maize meal. It can be mized with corn starch or in fixed proportional. The ingredient will firstly be mixed together with water, and further fed into the cornflake machine feeder.

The mixed raw materials are transported to the feed hopper of the cornflakes machine extruder. During extrusion processes the raw material in the feeding hopper enters the extrusion system to be extruded and cut into small particles.

In the extruder, there is high temperature, and pressure available to cook the ingredients. When the ingredient leave the dice, getting in contact with the atmosphere, it expands into right shapes.

Next, the cereals will go through baking process to remove the excessive moisture. Excessive moisture will result to shorter lifespan. After this process, it comes to flavoring system, adding frost, sugar to the cornflakes.

Lastly, cooling and packing getting ready for sales. This is the procedure to produce corn flakes. Darin Machinery is a one stop center to get all the machines that you need for your factory.

In conclusion, Darin Machinery provides premium quality machinery lines for our customers. We also provide complementary factory machinery line layout plan specially designed for you. Our customer service expert will assist you when every you need us. Contact us now~


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