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Corn Puffing Snacks Machinery Line

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Have you ever thought about investing in corn puffing snack machinery lines? As a start of your food manufacturing business. Start this idea with Darin Machinery, we provide wonderful guidance, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert in processing food.

The first thing to get yourself started is to start procrastinating and begin your research. There are lots of things out here, for you to consider. My suggestion is to start it simple.

Choosing a corn puffing snacks machinery line will be an easy mode start. As puff snacks are trendy not only among youngsters but in all age groups. Due to the tastiness, and fulfillment of eating, etc.

Of course, you might have a consideration the competition in the snacks industry, as there is a lot of big branding. But you have other choices to choose from, including being a manufacturer of branded companies, or doing private labeling, to prepare yourself.

When you feel that everything is ready, you can start building your brand, and your distribution channel.

To stand out from the market is not about a price war, discounts, or bundle purchase. It is more on how consumers perceive your brand.

1.      Price of value

2.     Premium

Why Investing in a Corn Puffing Snacks Machinery Line?

To be straightforward, why we start a business, is to change the world, or to make a profit out of the business. I think most of the people setting up a business project are to make a profit out of it.

Before considering earning a gross profit, you should consider how to break even, so the first step is to cover all your costs with your revenue. As to start a business in food processing you will need to invest in machinery lines. As a result, you need to focus on the Return of Investment (ROI) too. Thus, there will be a need to keep it running at a maximum capacity as machines will depreciate from time to time.

So, with a popular food that mostly all consumers enjoy, it is a good starting point. As everyone is your target market, there is a larger probability of them getting your snacks.

Let’s drawn in-depth to the different snack machinery Darin is offering.

Puffed Snacks Machinery Line

This machinery line can produce snacks that are the same as Kurkure, Cheeto, and Twisters. The raw ingredients of this machine are corn flour, rice flour, corn grits, millet, etc. These ingredients are of low cost, and high profit can be generated.

Puffed Corn Snack Machinery Food Extruder was manufactured based on our abundant experience and the international advanced technology. With high quality, exquisite craft, excellent aftersales sales, and machines performing steadily.

It is easy to operate, most Darin Machinery has a PLC from Siemen, it acts as a main control of the full machinery. Puffed snack-making machinery comes with a touchscreen, it provides English, Spanish, French, etc.

The standard configurations

Mixer → Screw Conveyor → Twin Screw Extruder → Air Conveyor (Hoister) → Electric Dryer → Hoister → Oil Sprayer → Flavoring Drum → Cooling Conveyor

3D Snack Machinery Line

The Doritos, tortillas, and corn chips can be made from corn powder, water, vegetable oil, and salt. You can make any chips with different ingredients. After frying and flavoring, we can get extremely crunchy triangles or other customized shapes. The chips are popular and favored by consumers of all age groups.

The layout of the Burgles Making Extruding Machinery Line

1.      Raw Materials: Wheat Flour

2.     Flowchart: Mixer à Screw Conveyor à Twin Screw Extruder à Sheeting Machinery à Hoister à Continuous Fryer à Flavoring Machine

3.     It comes in different capacities, from 100 – 150kg/h, 200 – 250kg/h, 300 – 400kg/h

Detail of the main machines

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    Mixer Introduction:

    Mixed raw ingredients, powder, water, and other ingredients together at a moderate speed. Into an even and smooth texture. Getting ready the ingredients for the next stage.


    Twin-screw Extruder Introduction:

    This double-screw extruder consists of feeding, peeling, heating, transmission, and control systems. Darin’s advanced screw extrusion technology, the use of     high temperature and pressure curing, and extrusion molding of the materials.

    Next will move on to sheeting machinery and transport to the continuous fryer, which is the next important machinery.


    Continuous Fryer Introduction:

    Consistent temperate hot oil boiler, heating up fast, the conveying part and the boiler can be separated easily. Thus, it is easy to clean, vibrate feed, and discharge     equally.

    It can use diesel, gas, coal, etc. as an energy source.

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    Flavoring Machinery Introduction:

    Evenly add seasonings to the snack/corn chips. When the end products are ready, they will fall off the machinery and enter the next step of the process.


To conclude, Darin Machinery will be the perfect choice for you, providing the best quality you will ever find elsewhere. We were in the market since 2011, and we had grown into a developed company. Contact us now for further information!


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