Analysis of Common Faults of Food Extruder
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Analysis of Common Faults of Food Extruder

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Food extruders will inevitably fail during use. Today, Darin Machinery analyzes several common food extruder failures.

The first one: the pressure of the nose is unstable

1. Cause:

(1) The speed of the main motor is uneven.

(2) The rotation speed of the feeding motor is uneven, and the feeding amount fluctuates.

2. Processing method:

(1) Check the main motor control system and bearings.

(2) Check the feeding system motor and control system.

The second: the lubricating oil pressure is low

1. Cause:

(1) The pressure setting value of the pressure regulating valve of the lubricating oil system is too low.

(2) The oil pump is faulty or the oil suction pipe is blocked.

2. Processing method:

(1) Check and adjust the pressure regulating valve of the lubricating oil system.

(2) Check the oil pump and oil suction pipe.

The third: the automatic screen changing device is slow or not working

1. Cause:

(1) Air or oil pressure is low.

(2) Air leakage (or oil leakage) of the cylinder (or hydraulic station)

2. Processing method:

(1) Check the power system of the screen changing device.

(2) Check the sealing condition of the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder.

Fourth: Safety pin or safety key is cut off

1. Cause:

(1) The torque of the extrusion system is too large.

(2) The connection between the main motor and the input bearing is not concentric.

2. Processing method:

(1) Check whether there is metal or other objects in the extrusion system to jam the screw. When it first occurs, check whether the warm-up ramp-up time or ramp-up value meets the requirements.

(2) Adjust the main motor.


Fifth: sudden drop in extrusion volume

1. Cause:

(1) The feeding system fails or there is no material in the hopper

(2) The extrusion system enters the hard and stuck screw, so that the material cannot pass through

2. Processing method:

(1) Check the material level of the feeding system or hopper

(2) Check and clean the extrusion system.

Sixth: the machine head is not smooth or blocked

1. Cause:

(1) A certain section of the heater does not work, and the material is poorly plasticized.

(2) The operating temperature is set too low, or the molecular weight distribution of the plastic is wide and unstable.

(3) There may be foreign objects that are not easily melted.

2. Processing method:

(1) Check the heater and replace if necessary.

(2) Verify the set temperature of each section, and negotiate with the craftsman if necessary to increase the temperature set value.

(3) Clean and check the extrusion system and the machine head.

When using the food extruder on a daily basis, it is necessary to carry out daily maintenance, maintenance and overhaul in strict accordance with the requirements in order to maintain a good working condition and prolong the service life of the machine.


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