Why Darin puff extruder machines?
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Why Darin puff extruder machines?

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Darin, Shandong China was established in 2011, specializing in automatic food processing machinery, providing machines for over 70 countries worldwide. We pledge to deliver high-quality machinery, consistent service to our customers, and excellent after-sales service. Let me share some of our products with you.

Why Darin Puff Extruder Machines?

Why Darin puff extruder machines?

It is also known as a murmura machine that processes food into ready-to-eat food. It can produce corn and rice puff, breakfast snacks. Just like the kind of snacks you can find in the supermarket.

Our machine can keep the nutritents in the grains and lower the calories in the raw materials. This puffing machinery can help you to keep your operating cost low, by reducing labor costs and the machine is operating at low power. So that you can save on your electricity bills. When rice or corn is popped, there is a collector. Thus, when opening the cooker, the rice will not pop everywhere, due to the high pressure in the food processing machine. The output is about 50kg per hour. Any futher inquires, please kindly contact our customer service officers, to find out more.

What more do we provide?

Excellent after-sales team is ready for you. Before your machinery arrives at your doorstep, you will receive a video going through with you the procedures of assembling the machine and operating the whole process line. It will deliver in English. If there are any inquiries during the installation can reach out to our technical engineers, they will be assisting you by video call or zoom.

In conclusion, Darin is a company that never stops innovating the latest technology and has a team of researchers and innovation experts, which meets our customer's needs and expectations. Bringing you a wonderful experience with our company.


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