Processing Technology of Pet Treats Production Line
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Processing Technology of Pet Treats Production Line

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The pet treat processing line includes different kinds of pet treat machines, providing customers with a variety of options for making treats. Darin Machinery will introduce the processing technology of pet snack production line below.

The pet treat extrusion line can produce dog chews and semi-moist pet foods of all shapes and sizes. The general production line machine consists of: mixer, screw conveyor, screw extruder, cooling conveyor, cutting machine, cooling conveyor.

1. Mixing machine:

A device that adds various raw materials to a certain amount of water or liquid additives and stirs them to achieve full mixing.

All parts of the mixer in contact with the material are made of stainless steel. The discharge port adopts a new handle open-door structure design, which has a good sealing effect and avoids the leakage problem of general powder mixers.

2. Screw feeder:

It can transport the mixed raw material to the hopper of the extruder. The material is transported to the feeder of the extruder in a sealed stainless steel cylinder, and the feeding amount is uniform and stable, without material leakage, dust and pollution.


3. Extruder host:

The main screw extruder is generally composed of feeding system, extrusion system, heating system, transmission system, rotary cutting system and control system. The raw materials are sterilized by high temperature and high pressure during the processing, which ensures the hygiene and safety of the products; the main machine adopts frequency conversion speed control to adapt to different varieties and raw materials, and the discharge cutter is controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation to adjust the size of the material; advanced electrical control The design makes the whole machine have a high degree of automation and stable operation.

Among them, meat-based raw materials have strong viscosity and cannot be economically produced by a single-screw extruder. The twin-screw extruder reduces the shear range, has a more effective pumping effect and self-cleaning effect, and is suitable for the production of fresh meat and high-fat feed.

4. Cooling conveyor:

Able to lower the temperature of the extruded snack. It can effectively reduce the temperature of pet food and ensure that when it reaches the cutting process, the cutting section will not be unsmooth due to being too soft; the conveying speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion.


5. Cutting machine:

For cutting snacks to desired length. The cutter can be adjusted by frequency conversion to cut different lengths; with a protective casing to ensure the safety of operators.

6. Cooling conveyor:

Reduce food temperature to room temperature. Effectively reduce the temperature of pet treats to facilitate packaging and storage; the conveying speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion.

Darin Machinery has a variety of pet food production lines. If you are interested in pet food processing machinery, please contact Darin Machinery.


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