6 Top Countries must invest in instant noodles making machine
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6 Top Countries must invest in instant noodles making machine

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Today lets analylise on the top countries eating instant noodle and it’s potential for investing in a instant noodle machine. Darin is a company set up since 2011, we are specialized in food process machinery. Providing high-quality machinery with latest technology.

Instant noodle line

Top - China and Hong Kong

Of course, the first place in China and Hong Kong.  As there is nothing much to say, the population of China has resulted ending in the top. Youngsters love the flavor of instant noodles, and working adults need the convenience brought by instant noodles.  

2nd - Indonesia

You might be surprised that Indonesia's consumption of instant noodles is just behind China's. In Indonesia, there are varieties of local cuisines made with instant noodles. At the night mart or in the street. There will be an aunty cooking instant mee, adding different spices. Of course, the famous Indomie Mi Goreng is a Halal fry noodle.

3rd - Vietnam

From the table above, you can see in 2019, India is in 3rd place. But within a year to 2020, there is a surplus that has overtaken India and Japan. The most popular Instant Noodles flavor in Vietnam is Tom ChuaCay flavor. It is a sour, spicy, and shrimp taste with a chewy noodle texture. Instant noodles are cooked with lemon and pepper. Thus, there is an attractive potential in the instant noodles market.

4th - India

To target the local cuisine and eating habits. A lot of spices are added to cater to the local market. It has resulted in a big success in India's instant noodles market. Indian instant noodles come in different flavorings, from Curry noodles to Masala instant noodles and hot garlic instant noodles.

5th - Japan

Modern-day Japan is moving at a fast speed. People look for convenient food sources. Thus, it has resulted in the opening and expansion of 7-Eleven. They sell instant cup noodles and provide hot water so that you can eat in. The instant noodle's eating habits can trace back to 1958 when ramen instant noodles were invented and introduced. Until now, it is still a favorite cuisine loved by the Japanese. Dry instant noodles are popular among the Japanese too.

6th - USA

The favorite flavor of Americans is chicken instant noodles. Unlike the top 5, the USA is the Top Western country. Americans prefer eating instant noodles with folks and spoons. As they do not have the habit of slurping noodles, thus they may need to cut the noodles. So, we can assume that instant noodles are the true love of Americans.

The ranking is according to World Instant Noodles Association's (WINA) latest update on May 11, 2021.

From the above, you will be able to derive that instant noodle-making machinery is a perfect choice to earn an attractive profit, turning your investment into a profit. Of course, WINA demand ranking listed several more countries. They all hold a gigantic demand for instant noodles.

In conclusion, working with Darin is a choice you will never regret. We are looking forward to have you in our journey. If you are interested, do not hesitate contact our customer service


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