What is an Automatic Nutritional Powder Extrusion Machine?
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What is an Automatic Nutritional Powder Extrusion Machine?

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Nowadays, we take good care of our bodies, living a healthy life is very critical for us, thus nutritional powder comes to our mind. Manufacturing these nutritional powders is currently trendy. Darin provides a full line of nutritional powder extruding machines, we were in the market for more than 11 years, specializing in food processing machines, providing factories.

What is an Automatic Nutritional Powder Making Extrusion Machine?

It can process anything you want, with different raw ingredients your add-in. It will cook and grind the ingredients for you, the processed food will be partially ready to eat. Thus, it is easy to cook. And meeting the consumer's daily nutritional needs.

Automatic Nutrition Powder Extrusion Machine

What is nutritional powder?

The nutritional powder is a product that you can add to your diet, to support and balance your daily nutrition needs. Provide targeting results for its consumers, whether they were seeking to build muscle, energy-boosting, enhance performance, or even gain weight. And also help to prevent diseases, these products are better for our body to absorb.

Nutritional Powder

Some information extra

These powder machines not only can produce nutritional powder, for example, on top of that, they can also produce soybeans and sesame powder which are both high in nutritional value. Scientifically shown that soybean contains estrogen that is effective for our body, protecting us from hormonal cancers. And sesame is excellent for our hair giving it a natural shine.

And last but not least, this machine can produce anything based on the ingredients added in even slimming powder and baby food, the puffing powder machine produces food that's suitable for all ages.

How to process nutritional/energy powder by machine?

Darin provides a full range of nutritional powder machines, with automatic systems. Which starts from mixing various ingredients, moving and transporting the flours to the next step, then extruding with high pressure. After that, the drying process is to takes away the extra moisture. Grinding is the most critical step, after this process, the powder should be fine in texture.

Why is our machinery better than others?

Our nutritional powder extruding line can produce fined and smooth powder, with consistently high standard, without any production wastages, keeping cost-effective. It is easy to operate and control, you can also add vitamins or minerals. We provide different models with different capacities.

In short, Darin is a company with rich experience, we provide machinery that is top in the industry. We hope that we can work together in the furture.


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