Why Food Processing Machine?
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Why Food Processing Machine?

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Darin Machinery is located in Jinan, Shandong. We are one of the largest companies in food machinery manufacturers in China. We specialize in extruding machinery lines, for both animals’ production lines and human cuisine manufacturing lines.

There are two main reasons for food processing:

·         Making foods more digestible

The cooking process assist to break down the raw ingredient’s chemical bonds and structure. Thus, after the food processes, we can better absorb the food’s nutrition, and use it as energy.

·         Extend the shelf life of food

After the cooking process, excess moisture is removed. This will extend the shelf life of the grain’s ingredients, prevent molding, and bacteria from happening.

As some food resources are scarce as most of the crops are seasonal. Furthermore, it can be customized to suit the nutritional requirements of groups such as the elderly, pregnant ladies, infants, youngsters, and athletes.

Modern food processing has three major aims:

-       To make food safe (microbiologically, chemically)

-       To provide products of the highest quality (flavor, color, texture)

-       To make food into forms that are convenient (ease of use)

To conclude, Darin Machinery was one of the largest pet food machinery lines and extrusion machines manufacturer. Providing premium quality production lines at attractive prices. We focus on both domestic and aboard markets. Darin has rich experiences exporting our food machines, currently our machine is operating in more than 70 countries worldwide. If you are interested in investing a food production machines, feel free to contact us now~

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