What are the processing methods of cereal bars?
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What are the processing methods of cereal bars?

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Cereal bars have a long history of development, and are favored by many consumers because of their crisp taste and easy portability. Did you know that there are several processing methods for cereal bars? Darin Mechanical tells you.

The processing of cereal bars is divided into two types: hot processing and cold processing

1. Cold working

The cold working process generally includes mixing syrup with material, stirring, shaping, cutting, coating or not coating, packaging.

2. Thermal processing

Thermal processing (baking type) refers to the product formed after the cold-processed product is formed and needs to be baked at a high temperature, with or without coating.

Hot processing is simpler than cold processing, and the roasted type has a unique flavor. There are many roasted types in foreign countries, and domestically, it is basically a cold processing process.

Cereal bars have a long history. Earlier cereal bars were mainly made of grains such as rice and oats, and a large amount of syrup was added to enhance the taste of sweets. But in recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards and the accelerated pace of work, people have begun to seek a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Healthy food and healthy life are getting more and more attention.

In addition to the main raw grains, cereal bars and meal replacement bars on the market now also add nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, candy, chocolate and other accessories.

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According to function, it can be divided into muscle building type and leisure type

Most of the muscle building bars contain protein, generally higher than 30%, and the fat energy supply ratio of muscle building bars is generally greater than 65%, and most of the ingredients are fat raw materials.

There are many types of muscle building bars, such as ketogenic bars that have become popular in recent years. Some bars are high-protein, low-fat formulas that may be higher in protein, while others are moderate-protein, lower-fat bars that limit your total energy for the day to lose weight.

Leisure sticks pay more attention to taste, and develop various products by taking advantage of the easy portability of sticks.

According to the sensory characteristics of the product, it can be divided into particle sticks and powder sticks

The granule stick is to glue various granular raw materials together with syrup, and the graininess is very intuitive from the appearance;

In addition, cereal bars can be divided into two categories according to coating and uncoated; according to taste, they can be divided into salty and sweet.

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