Pet Treats Pillows Processing Line
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Pet Treats Pillows Processing Line

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Pet Treats Pillows Processing Line

Darin Machinery was established in 2011, we provide superior quality food processing machinery lines for our customers all over the world. Currently, our machinery lines are operating in more than 70 countries worldwide. We provide wonderful customer service and professional advice for all who are interested in our machinery.

This machinery line is developed based on human cuisine the core filling pillow snacks machinery line. We researched and found that it is also a perfect dish for our furry friends. They can use it to practice biting with a high nutritional value filling of protein meats and carbohydrate outer layer.

During animal training, it acts as a treat after a good performance is done. Furthermore, it builds up the bonds between our pets and owners. Or when you are being your pets for outings, they might be anxious about getting to an unfamiliar place. Soothe their feelings by giving them a small treat.

Cereal based snack

These snacks contain a specific amount of starch due to the recipe formulated. Snacks containing a high content of cereals are mainly obtained with two processing technologies: baking and extrusion.

The most common extruded products are kibbles such as croquettes or more complex products such as pillows.

Our technology to produce biscuits for human consumption can be successfully applied to the production of biscuits for pets.

The snack pillows

The pillows are designed and manufactured to combine two very different textures:

A crunchy outside

Made with cereal, grains, or starches that can retain the cream and are crispy enough to give a pleasant bite.

Appetizing cream inside.

The cream is completely anhydrous to ensure prolonged shelf life. Usually, we use animal fat-based cream and solidify it with protein or flour.  It is preferable to contain a minimum amount of moisture as if there is high moisture content it will affect the crispness of the outer layer puffed crunchy.

Special insert

The process begins with the extruder where the cooked dough is pushed through special inserts. This insert is designed to integrate an internal injector that conveys the filling. Leaving the inner core empty, to fill in the cream. There will be a pipe connecting to the fill the center of the pet’s snack. The flow speed of the cream controls the amount of cream fill pumped into them a crispy puffed snack.


The continuously filled rope coming out from the extruder is portioned with a special cutter to give the products the correct final size/shape. To prevent the product from breaking and the filling to come out, pre-cut ropes are conveyed into a special drum.

After complete cooling and stabilization, the rope is broken and portions into individual pieces. The following stages are like what happens with kibbles, drying, greasing, cooling, and packaging.

The fillings can be 20-25% and not more than 40% to control the cost of the goods. Furthermore, is to control the fat, as if there is more fat the snack will be more likely to cost obesity for our pets.

Flexible Extrusion

Managing a variety of products and recipes in Dry Pet Food Extrusion

In the market, there is a high product variety customers will not only want to do cat food or dogs foods, but they also definitely want to produce different dry food for cats and dogs of different ages, and breeds. To cover all these different varieties of pet foods.

In conclusion, choosing Darin Machinery is the best choice of your solution, providing best products and professional services. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our product. You will never regret choosing Darin in the future, we obtain over 90% of positive reviews.


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