Granola or Cereal Bar Production Line
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Granola or Cereal Bar Production Line

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Granola or Cereal Bar Production Line

Darin was established in 2011, we are specialized in cereal puffing and extrusion machinery lines. We have one stop shopping experience, which you can get all you need at Darin.

Darin offers complete lines for the production of high quality cereal bar. The ingredients needed for crunchy granola production machine is all semi-cooked products, for example, puffed rice, cereals, cranberries, walnut, almonds, and died fruits.

It will be mixed in a blender, with syrup and oils to form a mass. The mass will be infeed onto a cereal bar compacting machine, where the ingredients are spread evenly on the band.

A compression roll provides a final consolidation and it will goes through the cooling tunnel, before the cutting process. This is to prevent the mass from sticking onto the cutting blazed. Lastly, it will go through the packing system, prepare the final products for sales.

To conclude, Darin Machinery is the best choice for you, we provide the best food machinery lines for our customers at an attractive pricing. Furthermore, all our customer service experts is here to guide you along the process of setting up your production line. Contact us now~

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