Features of instant noodle forming production line
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Features of instant noodle forming production line

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Instant noodles are a well-known convenience food in my country, and a new type of food to meet the needs of people's socialization of staple food. The processing of instant noodles has many remarkable features such as specialization and high production efficiency. Today, Darin Machinery mainly talks about the characteristics of the instant noodle production line.

Instant noodles can be divided into two categories according to the production process, and they have their own characteristics:

1. Fried dry instant noodles

Fried instant noodles dry quickly, generally 70S, and the degree of α-transformation is as high as 85%. The noodles have micropores and are rich in water. Soak them for 3-5 minutes and try them out.

The oil content of fried instant noodles is relatively high, generally around 20%, so the cost is higher, and fried instant noodles are also more prone to rancidity.

2. Hot air drying noodles

The drying speed of hot air drying noodles is slow, about 1 hour, and the starch that has been α-formed will be retrograded, so the rehydration is poor, and the soaking time will be long.

However, hot-air drying noodles are more fuel-efficient, so the processing cost is low, and the hot-air drying noodles are not prone to rancidity and deterioration, and the storage time is long.

Whether it is fried instant noodles or hot air drying noodles, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Except for the different dehydration and drying methods in the processing process, there are no differences in other aspects.


Characteristics of instant noodle forming line of Darin Machinery

1. Darin instant noodle forming production line is used to make fried instant noodles. It has perfect technology, compact structure, novel design and stable performance. It is developed according to the needs of the world market.

2. The production line has a high degree of automation, easy operation, low energy consumption and small footprint, but it ensures that all processes from powdering to finished products can be completed at one time.

3. The investment of this production line is only one tenth of that of large equipment, especially suitable for small or self-owned enterprises.

4. All machines are made of stainless steel.

Instant noodle processing line

With the acceleration of the pace of life and the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to the health, nutrition and environmental protection of food, and the demand for food is also rich and diverse. Instant noodles are not only convenient to eat, cheap, and easy to store, but now there are more and more types of instant noodles, and the production process is safe and hygienic.

Darin mechanical instant noodle forming production line adopts advanced nutrition and instant food complete production line technology, with advanced structure, excellent performance and reliable quality, it is an ideal choice for investors in the food industry.

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