Dog Food Bone Treats Making Machine
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Dog Food Bone Treats Making Machine

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Dog Food Bone Treats Making Machine

DR-60T Rawhide Bone Pressing Machine could produce dog bone with rawhide as raw materials.

  • It is a type of Flour Column and Three Board, the utmost output tonnage can be adjustable.

  • It can be adjusted among the range of 5t-60t according to the different products’ procedures, the purpose is to arrive at the best-required output.

  • Well, our DR-60T Pressing Machine has two types, manual operation, and automatic operation, meanwhile, it can count and time automatically, safe and protective.

  • In addition, our DR-60T Pressing Machine’s middle plate and lower plate open two-article T-slot respectively, the pressure system is rear-mounted and the below equips with the horizontal floor mat.

  • After pressing, the mold plate can be moved outside, so that it could well protect the operator’s safety.

  • Machine with good safety design. While the workers place the materials or take out the final product, the bottom mold can be moved outward, so the workers are not under the upper mold. Only after the worker leaves the machine, the machine should be allowed to start by pressing the two palm buttons.

  • Equipped with PLC and touch screen to realize easy control. Different languages can be input as a requirement (standard language is Chinese and English).

The mold surface size is 500 x 400mm, so the bone size can be determined within this range. Kindly please let us know the bone size as picture below, so that we can make mold design and calculate the quantity of bones can be produced in one mold.


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