Cereal bar/ Granola bar cutting machine ready to deliver to Peru
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Cereal bar/ Granola bar cutting machine ready to deliver to Peru

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Cereal Bar / Granola Bar Cutting Machine can be used for producing all kinds of muesli bar and granola bar.

Ø Combined procedures into one: Filling materials - Pressing shape - Cooling materials - Cutting muesli bar - Conveying & cooling muesli bar.

Ø Material hopper is made by food grade HMWHDPE to avoid the sticking materials, also has heater to keep temperature. The filling blade is made by PTFE, and could evenly and stably fill the materials to conveyor belt, without materials wastage.

Ø Controlled by Siemens PLC and touch screen with friendly interface. The staff  could 180°rotate the touch screen, flexible and convenient. The controller languages can be Chinese, English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, etc.

Ø Equipped with two sets of pressing roller, made by food grade HMWHDPE material, more healthy with anti-sticking function. The side of roller mark the scale. The roller can be accurately adjusted to meet the height of different thickness product requirement.

Ø Equipped with four sets of fans above the conveyor to cool the materials quickly.

Ø Vertical cutter uses cutter groove design to ensure the materials can be 100% cut. After cutting, muesli bar has no sticking and separate automatically.

Ø Horizontal cutter could continually cut, no stop.  Thus the capacity can be increased from 300kg/hr to 500kg/hr.

Ø The connection of forming part and conveyor part use the gear drive, it is easy installation and disassemble.

Conveyor belt is made by PTFE belt.

Sample Photo

Cereal bar cutting machine could make different bar, such as peanuts bar, nuts bar, oat bar, sesame bar and rice bar.

Package and Delivering

Before delivering the machine, we will clean the machine and film packed. Using non-fumigation wooden box to pack the machine.

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Deputy President Unit of SDPIA

A High-Tech Enterprise of Shandong Province 2019

Supplier of Kellogg’s ( USA), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wanpi (a public corp of China)


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