2023 Popular Breakfast Cereal Production Line Hot Sales
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2023 Popular Breakfast Cereal Production Line Hot Sales

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Cereal is one of the breakfast cereals for most people, so do you know what the hot-selling breakfast cereal production line of Darin Machinery will look like in 2023? Let's have a look! A breakfast cereal production line consists of different machines, namely mixers, extruders, tablet presses, roasters, icing machines and coolers. They work together to form a system where different machines have different duties on the production line. 

1. Mixer

It is used to mix raw materials. For example, corn flour, rice flour, etc. are liquid. This is to prpare the ingredients for the next step. After mixing the mixed ingredients will be then transported to the next step by a fully sealed conveying machine. 

2. Extruder

The extruder is the "brain" of the whole procession, as it is the most critical part of the whole process. It operates continuously under high pressure and high temperature to cook ingredients. Thus, when the ingredients gets in contact with the atmosphere, it will expand.

3.2. Peeling

The extruder will then cuts the semi-finished product into corn flakes. Give the product a semi-final look. Different molds will provide different patterns for the final product. If you are interested in the designs of mold or have any other inquiries of customized. Contact us now to find out more.


4. Toaster

The device allows you to choose the number of layers for the roasting machine, which you can specially order for this machine. Our standard dryer is a 5-layer roaster to remove excess moisture from the finished product. It is commonly used in different aspects of food production.

5. Seasoning bucket (icing)

It includes flavorings and oil spray barrels that spray oil evenly on the finished product to give it a natural sheen, thereby increasing consumers' willingness to buy. Additionally, the system will add flavor to the finished product.

6. Cooler

The final product is similar to that of Kellogg's and Nestlé. The Darling breakfast cereal machinery line can produce end products in different shapes and patterns. Just change the mold.

The breakfast cereal production line provides you with an fully automatic experience, as it realized systematic and anti-contamination process thoughout the production of the products. All our machines are certified, with good lasting quality. Furthermore, if you purchased our machinery, we will be providing a free machinery layout plan according to our factory. Furthermore, there will be Darin basic receipes provided for you too.

This breakfast cereal line from Darin Machinery can process your desired products according to your recipe, such as sugar-free, whole grain and low-fat cereals for diabetics. Because Darin's advanced food processing technology preserves natural micronutrients and vitamins, etc.

If you are interested in this machinery, please contact us, Darin Machinery 7×24 hours online service, we will provide you with professional advice.


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