Packaging machine in Iran

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Packaging machine in Iran

Packaging machine is a mechanical equipment for packaging puffed foods such as shrimp crackers, potato chips, French fries, etc. This machine is suitable for packaging irregular puffed materials and bulk items with high measurement accuracy and fragility.

The packaging machine is equipped with Z-type material hoist, 10-head electronic combination scale, finished product conveyor, vibrating feeder and other components. The working process of the puffed food packaging machine is: the operator pours the puffed food that needs to be packaged into the vibrating hopper, the vibrating feeder conveys the material to the conveyor belt of the Z-type feeding hoist, and the material is conveyed to the 10 electronic Weighing or measuring is carried out in the combined scale, and the packaging process is completed through the links of blanking, bagging, sealing, and finished product output.

This puffed food packaging machinery can realize a series of steps such as automatic feeding, weighing and metering, bag making, filling, sealing, date printing and finished product output without manual intervention. Except for the initial manual pour of materials, the rest of the links are It is done fully automatically.

The stable 10-head electronic scale structure and high-precision sensors ensure the accuracy of all aspects of measurement and weighing.

The electronic scale can finely adjust the opening and closing speed of the hopper door according to the nature of the material being measured to prevent the occurrence of crushing and material jams.

The whole puffed food packaging machine adopts a stepping motor to control the operation of the whole machine. The machine runs quietly, runs stably, and has a long service life.

Fully automatic packaging equipment, which can automatically complete packaging links such as feeding, metering, bag making, filling, sealing, date printing, and finished product output.

This machine uses high-precision servo motor to control the film transport system, PLC program control operation program, electronic display touch man-machine interface setting parameters, photoelectric automatic positioning and tracking, digital temperature control, etc., making the operation of the whole machine simpler and more complete .

Packing Speed10-50pcs/min
Bag Length100-450mm
Bag Width100-350mm
Dimension4076 x 4045 x 4300mm