Meat Strips Forming Machine Exported to Vietnam

Darin DR-126 meat strip extruding machine exported to Vietnam, its capacity is around 300-500 kg per hour. It can be used for making multi pieces of meat sticks. Different sizes and shapes can be made by changing the mold. The flow chart is: Material Forming — Trays Conveying — Cutting — Drying.

Pet Treats For Canada Client

The treats are made by DRD-300 Pet treat extruding line for Canada clients. The line capacity is 150kg/hr, suitable to make pet treats with different sizes and shapes. The raw materials are potato starch, wheat flour, chicken powder, glycerol etc. Different sizes and shapes can be made by changing molds. The molds can be customized as request. Co-extrusion or dual color can be made when two extruders work together. Twist treat can also be made by adding twising device. Flow chart: Flour mixing-screw conveying-extruding-cooling-cutting-cooling.

DRC-75 Snacks Bar Cutting Machine Installed in Greece

DRC-75 Snacks Bar Cutting Machine can produce all kinds of shapes of cereal bars with the raw material of rice, millet, wheat, highland barley, fagopyrum tataricm Gaertn, maize, broomcorn, Chinese pearl barley, buckwheat, etc.

Single Color Pet Treats Extruding Line Exported to South Africa

Darin single color pet treats extruding line exported to South Africa, it is special for producing single color pet treats, single color twisted pet treats with various shapes as per requirements.Also the line is used for making abalone feed. Welcome to visit Darin to watch testing running of pet food machines, and discuss new opportunity and new business.