Darin Cereal Bar Molding Machine

Darin Cereal Bar Molding Machine , which is designed and developed for cereal bars/rice bars production in various shapes. Shapes and sized can be customerized as per requirements.

Darin Patented Bird Blocks/Bird Treats Making Machine

Darin Patented Bird blocks/bird treats making machine, it is special designed and developed for bird blocks/bird treats production.The flow chart including Material Feeding — Rolling and Forming — Cooling down — Cutting.The bond material is usually gelatin liquid. Welcome to inquiry Darin to get perfect machine for better business.

Dog Snacks Moulding Machine in Korea


Pet Biscuit Processing Line in Korea

Pet biscuit production line has original design, compact structure and high automation, is developed on the basis of Japanese technology. All working procedures, from feeding, calendaring, shaping, wastage recovering, drying to cooking, can be accomplished in one time. After putting stirring flour powder into the machine, they are one time shaped into unripe biscuit, all kinds of middle and high grade biscuit and thin biscuit through three stages roller and roller cutting molds.