How to make dog food meat chunks, meat bites making machine

Darin Cereal Bar Molding Machine
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How to make dog food meat chunks, meat bites making machine

Beef Granules/Meat Dices/Codfish Cubes Forming Machine can be used for producing beef granules,meat dices,codfish cubes with different shapes and sizes by changing the molds.

Beef Granules / Meat Dices / Codfish Cubes Forming Machine

Output: 300-400kg/hr

 Material Hopper Size:800 x 400 x 350mm

Hopper volume:90L

Mold Qty.: 75pcs, includes

– Forming mold x 69pcs

– Pressing mold x 3pcs

– Demolding mold x 3pcs

Forming Mold size:468 x 173mm

Effective mold size:352 x 154mm

Power: 7kw

Weight: 1400kg

Dimension: 6200 x 4700 x 1600mm

  • Auto Cleaning Scraping Device is used for scraping the extra material for recycling use after second pressing.
  • The forming molds are made by PTFE and includes 75 pieces. The mold cavity can be designed with different shapes and sizes as customer’s requirements, such as cylinder, ball, square, round cake, heart, triangle.
  • Equipped with sensors to accurately check the forming molds position, so the pressing mold could tightly fit, makes super cereal bar shaping.
  • Auto Water Spraying Cleaning System is used for cleaning the molds after demoulding.

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