Corn puff production line in Mexico

Corn Flakes Extruding Line from Darin Machinery
Single Color Pet Treats Extruding Line Exported to South Africa

Corn puff production line in Mexico

The puff snack production line has recently arrived in Mexico. Customers install and debug by themselves through remote service.


Darin corn puff snack machine, suitable to make corn puff snack with various sizes and shapes. Corn filling snack can also be made by adding core filler and shaper.
1. WEG or Siemens Motor
2. Siemens PLC and touch screen
3. Stainless steel material
4. ABB or Schneider electric parts
5. NSK bearing
6. 24v safety operation voltage

Product picture:


The raw materials of puff snack extruding machine can be maize, rice or wheat flour, etc.

The performance and quality of puff snack extruding machine reaches the highest international level in its field. From feeding materials, extruding & inflating, core filling, shaping, roasting, cutting, oil spraying to finished products are done once time automatic.