What are the advantages of animal food processing line processing?
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What are the advantages of animal food processing line processing?

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With the development of the pet food industry for more than 150 years, there are more and more types of pet food (such as dry puffed food, semi-moist products, canned food, etc.), and people's requirements for pet food are getting higher and higher. Pet food production lines are favored by the market. Today, Darin Machinery introduces the advantages of pet food processing lines.

The advantages of pet food processing line are:

1. Improve the palatability of dog food. Dry dog food becomes brittle when expanded, giving the dog a better mouthfeel when biting and swallowing, and cleaning the mouth and teeth.

2. Change and improve the nutritional value of dog food. Many nutrients require maturation and expansion to have nutritional value. Otherwise, they will not only not bring effective nutrition to the pet dog, but also cause the pet to have diarrhea, vomiting and other maladaptive symptoms.

3. Improve the digestion and absorption rate of dog food by pet dogs, and the expanded dog food can be absorbed by more comprehensive and perfect pet dogs. At present, there is even a "double puffing" process, the purpose of which is to allow pet dogs to absorb all the nutrients in dog food more perfectly.


4. Through the expansion and granulation process, the shape and structure of the dog food have changed, making it easier for pet dogs to eat more dog food.

5. Changing the different nutritional indicators of dog food, such as reducing the moisture content, can improve the shelf life of dog food, making it more convenient for pet owners to store and feed them anytime and anywhere, which is both safe and convenient.

6. Changing the density of dog food, extrusion of grains and puffing can also increase the density of dog food, which is convenient for purchase and transportation.

7. The puffing process is also a high temperature and high pressure process, which can kill various molds, salmonella and other harmful substances, which can improve the safety and hygiene of dog food.

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