Top 3 Amazing Food Processing Machines
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Top 3 Amazing Food Processing Machines

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Is your factory researching new food process machinery? Darin is here to give you some advice. Our machines have succeeded our clients to meet their production goals.


Breakfast Cereal Extruding Production Line

Breakfast Cereal Extruding Production Line

You might be wondering why the breakfast cereal production line is top in place? Let me share with you. It is all about turning a habit into an opportunity. As Westerners love corn flakes during their breakfast, it is sold at a constant high speed and in large quantities. Now, the need for breakfast cereal is still increasing at an incredible rate.

Darin's advanced food process technology helps to keep the natural micronutrients and vitamins. Darin's cornflake processing line enables you to produce products, such as sugar-free for diabetes customers, wholegrain, and low fats cereals. It all depends on the recipe you used.


Instant noodle processing line

Instant Noodles Production Line

Darin’s Instant Noodles Making Line was well designed systematically. Every step of the noodles production is taken great care of, ensuring the noodles are produced at high quality. Furthermore, Darin knows that hygiene, cleanliness, and safety is the most critical aspect.

Darin's experts spend years researching and designing the noodle process line, and now our machines are all certified by CE, ISO 9001. Our machines adopt a highly automatic system, bringing you a wonderful experience working with Darin instant noodle process machine.  

Lastly, using Darin’s instant noodle extruding machine enhances the taste of your products. Make your instant noodles chewy, providing your customer fulfillment after eating. The machinery can produce round and square shapes of instant noodles.  


Pasta extruding line

Pasta Extruding Line

Pasta has become a worldwide popular food. It originated in Italy, spreading to Euro countries, expanding to the whole western region. Until now, the sales of pasta are still increasing.

Darin’s pasta-making machine provides different molds, creating different shapes. For example, shell, spiral, square tube, etc. It is a fully automatic system, requiring only a few workers to control the whole system.

Based on our research, these are the top 3 machines that meet the eating habits of Westerners. That you should invest in, it will bring you huge profit. You can choose different production capacities that are suitable for you.  

Darin has been in the market since 2011. We are professional in all kinds of food processing machines. We look forward to having you onboard to begin our journey.