Soya Protein Extruding Line

Crispy Fruit Nuts Oat Processing Line
Crispy Fruit Nuts Oat Processing Line
Bread Crumb Extruding Line
Bread Crumb Extruding Line

The soy protein extruding line uses low-temperature soybean meal and peanut meal as main raw materials. After grinding, stirring, tempering, high temperature, high pressure, and high shear, the spherical protein molecules are opened into chains and reorganized to form meat-like fibers.

A new type of food with a structure such as lean meat and chewy feeling; its product has high nutritional value, has the state and taste of meat, does not contain cholesterol and animal fat, and has the characteristics of oil absorption, water absorption and taste absorption; widely used in ham and sausage , canned food, fast food and quick-frozen food and other industries.

Standard Configurations

Electric Parts Siemens or Schneider
PLC and Touch ScreenSiemens
MaterialsCover body, mesh belt and parts touching with raw materials or final products are stainless steel

Product figure

lour Mix - Screw Conveying - Extruding -conveyor -Drying - Cooling

Technical parameters

DR-65120-150kg/hr80kw18 x 5 x 3m
DR-70200-300kg/hr90kw20 x 5 x 3m
DR-85500-600kg/hr150kw30 x 5 x 4m

Device display