Rice Air Puffer

Rice Extruding Puffer
Rice Extruding Puffer
Cheetos Extruding Line
Cheetos Extruding Line
DRW-50 Air puffer can keep the nutrition and structure of the raw materials. While using fresh rice as materials, the final pop rice is rice shape.
1. There are plenty of microelements like Fe, Zn, Se, Ca, vitamin, and amino acid, etc. Also, the end-products are beneficial to human’s eyes, brain, intestines, kidney and stomach, etc.
2. Labor saving, one skilled worker can operate two equipment;
3. Cast efficient, which can reduce the power supply;
4. Equip a cover to collect the puffed rice after decompression, clean and sanitary. Without it the rice will fly to everywhere under the big pressure after opening the tank cover.
Attention: while open the tank, there has a HUGE sound!

Product parameter

Technical Parameter

Model DRW-50
Output 50KG/HR
Tank Volume 8-10kg
Power 0.75kw
Gas Consumption 0.75Mpa
Weight 350kg
Dimension 1650 x 800 x 1350mm

Product picture