Pet Treats Pelletizer

Pet Biscuit Processing Line
Pet Biscuit Processing Line
Pet Treats Pelletizer could manufacture pellets, and act as materials of Pet Treats Molding Machine.
☆ Fully continuous and automatic processing line;
☆ Fully controlled by PLC and touch screen;
☆ Fault display function by showing faults on the touch screen;
☆ Suitable to different kinds of materials to meet various market requirement.

Standard Configurations

MotorWEG, Brazile or Siemens, Germany
Electric PartsABB, Switzerland or Schneider, France
PLC & Touch ScreenSiemens, Germany
BearingsNSK, Japan
ControllerPLC and Touch Screen control whole line, not one or two equipment
Protectors3 kinds of protectors: overload, overcurrent and overheat. Control Cabiner is 24V safe voltage
MaterialsCover body, mesh belt and all parts touching with food are made by Stainless Steel 304

Product figure

Technical parameters

Dimension18 x 5 x 3m20 x 5  3m
Workers Needed1-21-2

Device display