Pet Treats Extruding Line

Rawhide Bone Pressing Machine
Rawhide Bone Pressing Machine
Cold Pet Treat Extruding Machine
Cold Pet Treat Extruding Machine
Pet Treats Extruding Line can produce dog chew snacks and semi moist pet food with various shapes and sizes. Also, double-color dog snacks and twist treats can be produced.
Dog treats could strong teeth, clean dog mouth and teeth. Different shape design could clean dog teeth. Machine material made by stainless steel. Motor is Siemens Brand. Machine gurantee is one year.
The extruded treats not only provide protein, fat, vitamin, nutrition for dogs, but also satisfy the dog nature hobby.

Standard Configuration

MotorWEG or Siemens
Electric PartsABB or Schneider or Delixi
PLC and Touch ScreenSiemens
MaterialsCover body, mesh belt and parts touching with raw materials or final products are stainless steel

Product figure

Flow Chart

Mixing materials - Extruding - Twisting - Cooling - Cutting - Cooling

Technical parameters

Dimension18 x 5 x 3m20 x 5  3m
Workers Needed1-21-2

Device display