Oatmeal Chocolate Machine

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Cereal Bar Molding Machine
Protein Bar Machine
Protein Bar Machine
Oatmeal Chocolate Machinery can produce oat meal chocolate with various shapes and sizes.
☆ It is fully cutomatic machine, which uses the method of forming + freezing to blending oat meal and chocolate.
☆ After mixing the raw material, the procedures of forming, de-molding and freezing are all performed automatically, and only needs one worker to mix and feed the material, which could reduce labor source.
☆ The whole machine has high efficiency and covers small area. One worker can operate this machine.

Product figure

Flow Chart

Technical parameters

Mold Quantity90 pcs
Mold Dimension450 x 285mm
Capacity10 trays per minute
Power380V 20kw
Dimension6500 x 1500 x 2700mm
Equipment InvolvedForming Machine x 1 setFreezing Tunnel x 1 setMolds x 1 sets (includes 90 pcs forming moulds, 1 pressing mould and 1 de-moulding mould)Mould Conveyor x 1 setCooling System x 1 set