Muesli Bar Cutting Machine

Pasta Extruding Line
Pasta Extruding Line
Cereal Bar Molding Machine
Cereal Bar Molding Machine
Muesli Bar Cutting Machine is suitable to make cereal bar / peanuts bar, caramel treats, sesame plate and other product made of granule materials. The raw material can be rice, millet, wheat, highland barley, maize, broomcorn, Chinese pearl barley, buckwheat, etc, and berries such as goji, raisins, cashew, nuts could be also be added.

Product figure

Flow Chart

Technical parameters

Workers Needed3-4

Technical parameters

Proportioning system

1. Large bin batching system
The proportioning bin system is suitable for materials with a large proportion in production.
The single bin volume is 220L, full stainless steel material.
The system includes guide rail and movable scale, 4 bins per group. The left two bins in the picture are used to break up the sticky strawberry and cranberry materials and discharge the materials by vibrating.
2. Small bin batching system
This proportioning system is mainly for materials with small proportion in production, including guide rail, small movable scale, full made of stainless steel. The materials can be powder, granules or liquid.
Four bins per group, and each bin volume is 25L.
3. Movable heat preservation tank
Volume: 120L
Full made of stainless steel.
The heat preservation tank can be raised to match the top cover and mixing blade, insulation layer is able to keep warm for sugar syrup.