Mini Granola Bar Former

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Protein Bar Machine
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Crispy Fruit Nuts Oat Processing Line

Product introduction

Mini Granola Bar Former can be used for producing rectangular shape cereal bar.
1. The pressing roller is made of food grade HMWHDPE material, more healthy with anti-sticking function. The side of roller mark the scale.
Customer could accurately adjust the height of roller to meet the different thickness product requirement.
2. The useful width of cereal bar cutting machine is 170mm.
3. Controlled by PLC with touch screen with friendly interface.
4. Using high performance frequency inverter, easy adjust speed, high efficiency, it can produce 24-hour continuously.


Production and packing is fully automatic.
Small floor space: 10㎡
Low power consumption
Low investment.
Operator required: 1
Material: nuts, melon seeds, fruits, pop rice, granola, or their mixture
Versatile products: nut bar, granola bar, rice bar, fruits bar, energy bar...
Binder: jaggery, glucose, honey, dates, chocolate, fruit jam....
Setting up: ready set up before delivery, just need connecting cable line.
Easy to learn: one hour online training
Lead time: 18 days
Package: Export wooden case, suitable for long terms transportation.
Provides: recipes

Product figure

Proportioning system

1. Large bin batching system
The proportioning bin system is suitable for materials with a large proportion in production.
The single bin volume is 220L, full stainless steel material.
The system includes guide rail and movable scale, 4 bins per group. The left two bins in the picture are used to break up the sticky strawberry and cranberry materials and discharge the materials by vibrating.
2. Small bin batching system
This proportioning system is mainly for materials with small proportion in production, including guide rail, small movable scale, full made of stainless steel. The materials can be powder, granules or liquid.
Four bins per group, and each bin volume is 25L.
3. Movable heat preservation tank
Volume: 120L
Full made of stainless steel.
The heat preservation tank can be raised to match the top cover and mixing blade, insulation layer is able to keep warm for sugar syrup.

Technical parameters

MachineMini Granola Bar Former
Material Hopper Size540 x 450 x 350mm
Hopper Volume8L
Conveying Belt Width180mm
Product width30-150mm
Product thickness10-30mm
Dimension3000 x 600 x 1500mm

Device display