Meat Bites Processing Line

Pet Treat Molding Machine
Pet Treat Molding Machine
Rice Extruding Puffer
Rice Extruding Puffer
Beef Granules/Meat Dices/Codfish Cubes Forming Machine can be used for producing beef granules,meat dices,codfish cubes with different shapes and sizes by changing the molds.


PLC: Simens
Motor: Simens
Touch screen: Simens
Main electronics: Simens or Schneider
Any parts may contact food are made by good quality stainless steel, food grade PU belt.


Technical parameter

Model DR-65
Capacity 300-400kg/hr
Material Hopper Size 800 x 400 x 350mm
Material Hopper Volume 90L
Mixer Tank Temperature 0-70℃
Mold Quantity 75pcs, includes - Forming mold x 69pcs - Pressing mold x 3pcs - Demolding mold x 3pcs
Forming Mold size 468 x 173mm
Effective mold size 352 x 154mm
Power 7kw
Weight 1400kg
Dimension 6200 x 4700 x 1600mm

Machine picture