Artificial Rice/Instant Rice Extruding Line

Cheetos Extruding Line
Cheetos Extruding Line
Why Choose Darin

Artificial rice extruding line uses broken paddy flour as raw material, and with extruding, drying and polishing procedures, the new rice have good shape with color shine.

Also, various nutrition matters can be added as nutritional rice.

Standard Configuration

Item Brand
Motor Siemens
Electric Parts Siemens or Schneider
PLC and Touch Screen Siemens
Materials Cover body, mesh belt and parts touching with raw materials or final products are stainless steel

Grinding rice flour - Mixing Flour - Extruding - Drying - Polishing - Cooling

Model DR-70
Output 150-200kg/hr
Installed Capacity 135kw
Space needed 30 x 5 x 3m
Workers Required 3-5 Workers

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